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Shortzon url Shortner Best High CPM 2019 

Shortzon review by bikkeyofficial

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Shortzon bikkeyofficial

Hello, reader's welcome to my Blog Bikkeyofficial.
Today I'm going to Review - Best High CPM URL Shortner.
So basically Shortzon is the Best URL Shortner service that pays for per shorted links views and giving up to 15$ per 1000 views.

If you want to earn money with, then short any long URL link using shortzon sites and share those shorten links with your friends and relatives or visitors. Use shorted links in your website & YouTube video description. it gives up to $150 per 10000 visits.

High CPM network shortzon
High CPM All country

Information about Shortzon :

Shortzon Url Shortner is one of my favorite Earning Site because it pays on a daily basis and it counts multiple visits from the same visitors. Shortzon provide different payment options with a minimum cashout limit is only $3 if you use PayPal, Paytm, Skrill, UPI, Bank Transfer.
Shortzon is the best-trusted URL Shortner service that I use.
Shortzon Payment Daily basic & with low 3$ payout, High CPM up to 15$ per 1000 views, Good interface, Amazing Reffernal System pays 20% of Your Referred lifetime earning, etc.

ShortZon Details:

  • Network Type: CPC, CPM
  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads
  • High CPC : 150$/10000 views
  • Minimum Payout: $3
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer, Etc.
  • Payment Time: Daily
  • Referral: 20% of lifetime

Shortzon Features :

  • Good referral commission
  • Good customer support
  • High CPM rates
  • Easy to use, and earn money
  • Multiple tools
  • Live stats
  • Various payment methods
  • Easy to join
  • User-friendly ads

Shortzon : Requirement & Rules

  1. Don't use Facebook traffic on Shorten links.
  2. Do not click on your on Shortzon shorten links for earning purposes.
  3. Don’t create multiple accounts.
  4. Don’t spam any website using Shortzon
  5. Do not create a redirect loop
  6. Don’t use fake traffic with Shortzon
  7. Don’t short any illegal content sites with Shortzon
  8. Do not place Shortzon shorten links on any unlawful content sites.

Information about Shortzon Reffernal System.

Shortzon has an awesome Referral program which is a 20% referral commission for life, all you have to do is to refer other users to them.

Shortzon Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:

PayPal -$3
Paytm -$3
Skrill -$3
Bank Transfer -$3
UPI -$3


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