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Best Offline Adventure Games For Android Under 100mb

hey, the viewer if you looking for the best adv games for android under 100m, that you can play on your low-end device, then congrats you are on the right site.

Best offline Adventure games under 100MB for android

hlw everyone welcomes to my website. today I'm going to list the top 7 best offline Adventure Games for Android under 100MB. All these games I've listed are personally played by me.

so let's get started...

here is the list of best android adv games under 100mb.

1. Swardigo
2. Fighting Tiger
3. N.O.V.A
4. Samurai 2 vengeance
5. jungle adventure
6. Major mayhem
7. Red ball 4

Best Android Adventure Games

Here are the Full details and Download links of All games.

1. Swardigo

swardigo- is the best adv game in my personal opinion. I have played this game and completed this game 3 times.swardigo is an Amazing Story-based adventure game.

gameplay - in this game you are a player and you can jump, run, swing your sword and use your magic powers to defeat enemies. You Mission is this game is to defeat enemies and gain exp and powers. Also Read - 1000 Free Games To Play Offline

in this game, you can also upgrade your powers once you level up and shop some items and powers ups. For Shopping, you need to earn money from defeating enemies, cutting plants, destroying box, and many more.

this game is developed by Touch Foo game company and released in March 22,2012. This game is only available on IOS And Android.

More Information:

Name - Swardigo
version - 1.4.1
Category - Adventure
Developed by - Touch Foo
Support Android - 4.0 and Up
Size - 53MB
Play Store Downloads - 100 M
Ratings - 4.5 Stars

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2. Fighting Tiger

Fighting tiger is also the best Action adv game in low MB. This is an Action-packed 3d kung fu game like Street Fight. in this game, you are playing roal of gin( a kung fu fighter) and you have to fight against your gang for your girlfriend and life. one wrong move and your life is gone.

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Gameplay - This game is pretty impressive in low MB. I have played this game on my 512 ram smartphone and it runs smoothly without any lags. Controls of this are pretty nice you can move, fight, jump, throw fire bottles on enemies and many more.

overall this is a very fun game and I love to play this game. this game had special fight moves like Chinese boxing, Sanda, Chinese sword, etc.

More Information:

Name - Fighting Tiger
version - 2.7.1
Category - Adventure, Action
Developed by - jiin feng
Support Android - 4.3.0 and Up
Size - 61MB
Play Store Downloads - 50 M
Ratings - 4.3 Stars

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3. N.O.V.A Legacy

 Friends N.O.V.A is the best Offline Adventure Shooter Game for Android. This is fully packed 3d shooter game under 100mb. N.O.V.A brings you the best 3d sin-fic shotting experience that also runs on low-end devices.

Gameplay- in this game you played the role of Kal wardin, the savior. kal wardin is in N.O.V.A marine and pack with armored and fight against enemies.  Also Read - 1000 Free Games To Play Offline

This Is runs both online and offline so you can play 4*4 multiplayer or offline story mode. overall tis game gives you the best FPS shoting expreaince under 200mb.

More Information:

Name - N.O.V.A Legacy
version - 5.8.3c
Category - Adventure, Shooter
Developed by - GameLoft SE
Support Android - 4.0.3 and Up
Size - 45MB
Play Store Downloads - 50 M
Ratings - 4.0 Stars

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4. Samurai 2 vengeance

Samurai 2 is Entertaning adventure game with amazing controls and solid gameplay. This is very beautyfull game with intense fighting. I love the controls of the this game from last update. now this game has a virtual d-pad, a dynamic camera and more.

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gameplay - in this game you are a samurai and you are on a quest and taking revange to everyone countryside. overall this is amazing game offers by madfinger games.

More Information:

Name - Samurai II Vengeance
version - 1.3.0
Category - Adventure, Arcade
Developed by - Madfinger games
Support Android - 4.0 and Up
Size - 48MB
Play Store Downloads - 100k
Ratings - 4.4 Stars

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5. jungle adventure 3

jungle adventure 3 is an amazing and fun to paly game. Player can run jump and smash objective in game and go to unxpected adventure journey.

i've played jungle adventure and jungle adv 2 and i also liked them. This game have beautiful and stunning graphics. unique battels and levels to paly with intens boss battel.

this game is devloped by Renderds ideas and last updated on oct 2020. this game have almost 1m + Downloads on google paly store.

More Information:

Name - Jungle Adventure 3
version - 50.33.1
Category - Adventure
Developed by - Rendered ideas
Support Android - 4.4 and Up
Size - 49MB
Play Store Downloads - 1M
Ratings - 4.3 Stars

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Final Words 

So that's it, here is my top 5 best offline adventure games under 100MB.
if you liked my artical the don't forget to comment below and also share this post to your friends.

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