Number One Mobile Game in india | Top 7 games in india ( November 2020 )

Number One Mobile Game in india

Number One Mobile Game in India - There is definitely no shortage of games on the Android stage. It doesn't make a difference what your #1 classification is, you'll for the most part discover something to suit your taste. Nonetheless, as you may have encountered at this point, the amount doesn't generally mean quality. There are heaps of awful games out there and we at Bikkey Official to make it simpler for you to isolate the quality goods from the waste. Here are 10 of the best games as of now accessible on Android. Do take note that while there are so numerous acceptable games accessible on the stage, we could just pick 10. So we have offered as much assortment as possible.

Hlw Everyone Welcome to Our website BikkeyOfficial. Today I'm going to show you 7 top games in India and the number 1 game in India.

Here is the top best game in India.

Number One Mobile Game in India

hlw everyone right now the no. 1 mobile game in India is Call of Duty : Mobile - According to research.


The Obligation at hand arrangement is unbelievable in the PC and gaming world. So when Activision dispatched a portable select game, that also for nothing, a lot of heads turned. Honorable obligation: Portable doesn't include a story mode and is to a greater extent a 'best of' for the arrangement. Accordingly, it includes the arrangement's well known online multiplayer modes alongside all that you've generally expected from it. It additionally offers exemplary guides, with new ones being added each other month. 


Garena Free Fire is likewise an allowed to-play fight royale game on Android. In any case, this game is explicitly focused on low-end gadgets. The game size isn't too large when contrasted with the over two games, which has a major effect on the off chance that you have a restricted information plan. The game additionally includes more modest guides and more modest quantities of players, prompting quicker games. 


The idea of Among Us is pretty basic, you, alongside your partners, play as space explorers on a spaceship and have been assigned errands that they have to finish. Notwithstanding, one of your crewmates is assigned a faker and his/her responsibility is to execute everybody. Players can possibly impart either when a body is found or if a crisis meeting is pronounced. They would then be able to decide to cast a ballot who gets kicked out dependent on proof of different players. Consider it a criminologist murder riddle set in space that is allowed to download. 


Fabulous Robbery Auto San Andreas is viewed as perhaps the best game in the Amazing Burglary Auto arrangement and that is stating something. This exemplary game has been ported to the versatile is essentially the entirety of its brilliance. This incorporates all the radio broadcasts, the vehicles, and missions and the sky is the limit from there. The game is basically equivalent to it was on the PC and consoles every one of those years back and still figures out how to hold its appeal.


Minecraft was one of those games that appeared suddenly and shook the gaming business to its center. Its pixelated craftsmanship style overflows retro appeal while it's making mechanics is as yet viewed as truly outstanding in the business. With the portable rendition of Minecraft, you get cross-play uphold. This implies you can play the game online with your comfort and PC amigos. 

6. Stardew VALLEY

Stardew Valley is an outside the box diamond that wowed individuals with its tight ongoing interaction and charming style. By all accounts, the game is a cultivating test system, with you cultivating crops over the different seasons and selling your produce, yet it additionally incorporates battle, mingling, and making. 


Landmark Valley is a riddle game that requests that gamers consider new ideas. The goal of the game is pretty basic. Guide the character to the furthest limit of the level. Be that as it may, each level appears to have been torn directly from an MC Escher painting with optical fantasies and unimaginable items being a key ongoing interaction part.

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