Earn Money using GPlinks | Gplinks Review - Best Short Url Website in 2021 ( $7 per 1000 views )

 Friends Gplinks is a Short Url Website where you can shorten the biggest links and make money. Friends, this article has given you important information about Gplinks, by which you will be able to understand the important terms and conditions of the company and how to earn money. In the end, you will also give information about how to SignUp in Gplinks. Gplinks india's highest payout website.

Earn Money By Gplinks (How to Make Money)

You can use Facebook and Whatapp and Telegram to earn money from Gplinks and if you have a YouTube channel, you can also use it.


Friends, you have to bring any kind of links in Gplinks and make a short link to that link, after that share those links in your YouTube Channel in Telegram Group in Whatapp Group and also in other Social Sites, whenever someone links that link. If you click on it, then it has to follow 2 to 3 steps, after which 1 View Count gets in your Gplink, and then you are given money according to the country. This is a very simple website, to understand it, you can also watch the video below.

When do the views count? - Friends, when you shorten a link from this site, share your friends and your friend clicks on that link and follows the steps shown below, then your views are counted.

Step 1 - Whenever you share the link with your friends, Gplinks takes you to your page, you have to search for the option of Verify above or below and click on the Orginal Verify one from the one in the picture below. is shown.

Step 2 - Friends, in the second step, you have to complete the reCAPTCHA with I'm not a robot, after that you have to find and click on the Continue button below the original which will be shown to you all in the above video and below picture Have been.

Step 3 - When you click on Continue, then Gplinks takes you to a new page, in which you have to wait for 10 seconds, after which you have to click on Orginal Get Link.

Friends, as soon as your friends complete these steps, the view and money get added to your Gplinks account. Therefore, the link that you have shared with your friends, they complete these steps, in the same way, whatever information is contained in that link, your friends get it.

Gplinks Publisher Rates

Friends, the publisher rate of Gplinks depends on the country. For example, in India, $5 or 350 rupees are available on 1000 views and up to 7 dollars are given in other countries, whose list is as follows.

gplinks publisher rates

Gplink Refer & Earn

If you add your friends through your link in Friends Gplink, then you will continue to get 5% of your friend's earnings for Lifetime.

Gplinks SignUp

Friends, it is very easy to create your account on this site. In Gplink, you have to signup first, after that, you have to edit your profile, whose information is being told to you below.

  1. Go to Gplinks Site
  2. Click on SIGN UP NOW
  3. Then you give us a Username such as yourname544
  4. Then give your e-mail
  5. Then you have to keep the password
  6. Then he has to give the same password.
  7. Then complete reCAPTCHA
  8. So, click on the box below reCAPTCHA and register.
  9. After this, sign in by giving the username and password you have kept, then left and a Cartoon logo will be created, click on it, then click on My Profile, then you have to click on Edit Profile, after that you fill in your information. So after giving the information, go up and do the Save Changes.

How to withdraw money from gplinks and how much?

To withdraw money from GPlink, first, you have to select your wallet or bank account. About which we have given you step by step information -

First of all, click on the 3rd line and go to Payments
After that, you see the option of MANAGE PAYMENT below.
Then go to the option of Edit like the Pen below the Manage Payment.
After that, select the wallet in which you want to take the money. If you want to make money in your bank, then you have to give these three details. (Account Holder Name + Account Number + IFSC Code) so update after that.

After this, you are given the option of Withdraw in payment.
Friends Gplink gives 5 dollars of 1000 Views in India and you can withdraw at least $ 5 from this site for Rs. 350 and this money you can use PayTm, Google Pay, UPI, Bank Transfer, PhonePe, Bitcoin, Google Play Gift Card. , Amazon Gift Card, Skrill, Neteller, or PAYEER. So you get the withdrawn money in your wallet within 3 days.


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