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 you start blogging? First know how to start a blog website first. The Internet has free websites such as Blogspot, WordPress, Ghost, and many more. Blogspot is a free website for Google's blogger. We are about how to create a Blogspot blog. You will create a blog on on Google Blogger. A free Blogspot website is easy to create. You can learn how to create a free blog and make money online without investing in Google. In this article, Let's take a look at the blog, blog, and Google Blogspot (

How to Create A Blog on Blogger

What Is A Blog?

A blog is an online diary regularly updated with content by a person a group of individuals. A blog post is called any comment on a blog. Depending on the blog's niche, blog posts can be focused on a specific topic or different topics. 

Why Do Blogging?

There are many reasons that people start to blog. For a few reasons –

To support a social cause.

Showing their writing skills

Professional networking

Make money without investment

To run an online business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogspot

Blogspot blogs have some benefits and drawbacks, so you need to know them before creating a blog on

Advantages of Blogger

Easier to use than other blogging platforms such as WordPress has many customization options.

No need to invest money (Free of Charge)

Faster indexing – Blogspot sites will appear within 24 hours in the Google search results

Make money from Google AdSense and other sources.

You can easily connect your custom domain if you want

Free SSL certificate.

Disadvantages of Blogger

For themes and plugins, Blogspot has fewer options.

If you don't keep updating your blog, you will lose traffic easily.

How to Create A Blog on Blogger?

Don't you know How to Create A Blog on Blogger? Don't worry, everything you want to read is hereunder? Please read our guide carefully and use our screenshots to practice.

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger Dashboard

Go to and sign in with Gmail ID and Password; on the off chance that you don't have a record, at that point, you can create it by clicking the Join button in the upper right corner Doing nothing as it appeared under Screenshot. Blogger has a place with Google, which explains that you have to represent a Gmail to create a site on Blogspot.

Step 2: Confirm your Profile

Whenever you are finished signing in with your Gmail credentials, you will see a screen. Then, click on "Continue to Blogger."

Step 3: Create a New Blog

It is time to create a new website; click on the Create New Blog button.

Step 4: Provide the domain name and title of the Website

In this step, you have to provide the title and address of your site. For example: if you need to create a gaming site, then the address (otherwise called domain name and website URL) can be or, and the title is Best IT Books Blog. It is possible. You should realize that since these field names are free, they will naturally suffix with Blogspot likewise gives us the option to have custom field names, and we will experience adding custom space names later in this guide.

The domain name must be unique, so chances are that the domain name you have chosen is already registered. In that case, you should try a different domain name until the blue tick address appears to the right of the field.

Once this is done, choose a template (you can choose any template at this point, you can change it at any time later, we'll show you how to do it) and click on Create Blog!

Step 5: Start Blogging

By completing step 4, you successfully own a website for free. Now, you can start posting posts/articles.

Step 6: Visit your Website

Enter your website address in the browser and press enter. You will be given a site, which you have !!. First of all, you dislike the look and the format, yet we have not yet completed the instructional exercise. We will show you each and every approach to change your site to look great and expert.

Publish a post on Blogspot Website

Since you have successfully created a website on Blogspot, you can now start posting articles on your new website. To publish a post, write the content, write a suitable title.

Set ideal Permalink structure in Blogspot?

You might be considering what Permalink is - this is a connection (address, which you enter in the program to see your post).

There are two options accessible when you write a post.

Automatic Permalink: Blogger will consequently produce Permalink for the current post because of the title given in field title Permalink: Select Custom Permalink in the sidebar. The best option is to minimize the words with hyphens (-) in the middle.

Change the appearance of your website.

If you want to change the appearance of your website, you can easily do this by changing the website's template. Click on a theme.

You will be given an assortment of formats. First, click on the format button below each layout in the library. Then, there are many sites from which you can download the theme's layout and attractive site for nothing. We will share a portion of those sites in the next area.

Change the form of the Navigation bar.

From the sidebar, go to the Layout section and click Edit in the Navbar section. Choose the look and style as per your requirement and press save!

Favicon is a small picture that you can see on the program's tab when opening a specific site. To change the default blog spots favicon, follow the steps below -

Go to the Setting option and Click on Edit Favicon.

Select a square image less than 100 KB in size and upload it.

At any point you make any adjustments in the layout section, remember to save arrangement.

How to Add Gadgets to your Website

You can add gadgets to the blog's sidebar, under the navigation menu, and in the footer. At any point when you click the Add a Gadget button in the layout area, a popup window will appear where you can browse and add gadgets. Remember to save the settings.

Above, we have seen how we choose a free Blogspot domain given a suffix with the Blogspot keyword. However, if you want, you can buy a custom domain of your choice and add it to the settings. Click on Add a custom domain and provide the domain name you have purchased.

How to make money from Website

At present, everything is happening organically. For example, you can start publishing content on a blog. Once you start getting respectable traffic measurements to your site, you can apply for AdSense immediately from your Blogspot dashboard.


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