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Funny Roblox Bio Ideas Copy and Paste

Funny Roblox Bio Ideas Copy and Paste:

1. I'm not addicted to Roblox, I just like to waste time.

2. When someone tells me that Robux isn't real money, I say "I'm sorry to hear that, have you ever been on Roblox?"

3. My parents say that if I don't get good grades in school, they'll stop paying for my Robux subscription.

4. I'm not wearing a shirt in my bio because it's no one's business whether or not I have nipples.

5. I've never been in a relationship, but I love Roblox!

6. If you ask me where I went to school, I would say "Uhh... The School of Robloxia?"

7. I like my Roblox bio to be really long and boring so I can show off the fact that I'm a good writer.

8. l'm not a genius, but RobloX makes me feel likel am!

9. I don't care if Robux is fake money, I still want it!

10. I'm a self proclaimed "Roblox Addict" and proud of it.

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