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 Funny Roblox Bio Ideas - Hello gamers if you looking for some best Funny roblox bio ideas then this post will help you. and i have also written Aesthetic roblox  bio ideas so also do check this post. read this post till the end.

Funny Roblox Bio Ideas Copy and Paste

Funny Roblox Bio Ideas Copy and Paste:

1. I'm not addicted to Roblox, I just like to waste time.

2. When someone tells me that Robux isn't real money, I say "I'm sorry to hear that, have you ever been on Roblox?"

3. My parents say that if I don't get good grades in school, they'll stop paying for my Robux subscription.

4. I'm not wearing a shirt in my bio because it's no one's business whether or not I have nipples.

5. I've never been in a relationship, but I love Roblox!

6. If you ask me where I went to school, I would say "Uhh... The School of Robloxia?"

7. I like my Roblox bio to be really long and boring so I can show off the fact that I'm a good writer.

8. l'm not a genius, but RobloX makes me feel likel am!

9. I don't care if Robux is fake money, I still want it!

10. I'm a self proclaimed "Roblox Addict" and proud of it.


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