100+ Instagram Notes Funny ( ideas December) )

 Instagram notes funny - hello friends if you are looking for some funny Instagram notes then this post will help you.

In this post below I have added 100 + funny Instagram notes that you can use on your Instagram app.

What is Instagram Notes?

Instagram notes is a features of Instagram in the chat section. Users type random text on their notes.

You can find not section on Instagram app, above chat menu. So let's get to start and see some funny Instagram notes.

How To Use Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes Funny

Here is the some funny Instagram notes you can use on Instagram.

  1. Who called it “Instagram notes” and not “Mann ki baat”
  2. Everytime I open Instagram, 5 new people update useless notes
  3. instagram notes feel like tweets I’m forced to read
  4. Instagram notes are nothing but a new way of sliding into their dms
  5. Instagram really needs a “Search the name in story views” option more than notes
  6. Who called it Instagram notes and not “sliding into people’s dms campaign”
  7. you think your Instagram notes are funny?
  9. The day I said that I like twitter more than Instagram on Instagram notes, I stopped using Twitter..
  10. Instagram notes feature is as useless as the Gpay rewards.
  11. In the era of instagram notes find someone who still prefer handwritten notes
  12. Instagram notes making people realise why twitter users are always tweeting random bullshit.
  13. instagram notes is a good way to know who to unfollow
  14. Dear crush, You didn’t even learn from Instagram notes how to slide in my dm
  15. Instagram notes is a good way to tell your crush Hi indirectly.
  16. There should be an e-slap feature on Instagram for every person posting notes.
  18. I guess I’m the only one left who never used Instagram’s notes feature.
  19. People are gonna use Instagram notes to slide into Dms now nice
  20. People using the notes feature on Instagram clearly haven’t installed twitter before lmao
  21. What we want – Notes in wallet What we get – Notes in Instagram DM
  22. My favourite pass time these days is reading people’s instagram notes and judging them 😮‍💨
  23. Irony is having notes in Instagram and not in my wallet
  24. Whats the use of instagram notes ?
  25. Ab Sare log Instagram notes pe Motivational speaker ban hue hai
  26. I open instagram watch the first 3 stories, mute 5 people from notes and close it
  27. Is it possible to turn off notes on Instagram?
  28. Need to find a new crush, the last one just posted instagram notes.
  29. Why say Instagram notes and not random thoughts..?
  30. Notes feature of Instagram is nothing but one more way of sliding into dms.
  31. the notes thing on instagram made me realise how grateful I am that half of them aren’t on twitter
  32. What in the world is instagram notes?
  33. Teacher hu. Instagram pr sbke notes check krti hu.. 🙂
  34. Everyone is acting like a therapist with these Instagram notes lately
  35. bro stop with this instagram notes thing
  37. the notes update on instagram made me realise how grateful I am that most of them aren’t on twitter
  38. notes is literally the stupidest Instagram feature ever
  39. I haven’t used my college notes once! N instagram want me to use their notes! Bruh get life.
  40. Instagram is turning into notesgram with the amount of notes i’m seeing rn
  41. Instagram notes is a new technique to start a conversation
  42. one note is not enough, i want to add more notes on instagram 😔
  43. mfs wake up and first thing they do is update their notes on instagram???
  44. Instagram notes is the second biggest disappointment of the year, the first still remains #Brahmashtra.
  45. What is this Instagram Notes now 🤡
  46. Kids who used to forget their notebook at home are adding notes on instagram
  47. instagram notes are so annoying, people write bullshit
  48. People used toilets to shit until Instagram introduced notes feature.
  49. Am I the only one jisko abhi tak “Instagram notes” ke bareme nhi pata
  50. Am I the only one jisko abhi tak “Instagram notes” ke bareme nhi pata
  51. Instagram notes is a copied version of Twitter…
  52. So are we still supposed to tweet or leave stupid Instagram notes
  53. People post tweets on Instagram. So Insta started a note feature after feeling FOMO.
  54. how to disable this notes section on instagram tell fast
  55. Instagram notes hai ya notice board!?
  56. Instagram is the new twitter..☕
  57. I slid into your dms and started falling for you..😂
  58. Koy kuch bhi likh rha hai

Final Word: so thank you for reading . In this post we have looked on some funny Instagram notes. hope this post will help you and if you have any type of question then comment below I will reply to you all. 


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