How To Find Copyright Free Music For Youtube Videos

 Copyright-Free Music For Youtube videos – Hello, if you are looking to find copyright-free music for youtube videos, then this post will help you.

Hello, creators just think you created a youtube video and uploaded it on Youtube and after some time you got a notification of a Copyright claim on your video because of using Music. this is is a horrible thing that happen to me a few years ago.

But Now I don’t have to worry about Copyright Claims or anything because now I know how to download and use copyright-free music for my youtube videos.

So, Today in this post I’m going to show you my personal way to download and use copyright-free music for your videos.

so, let’s get into it.

Best Website for Finding Copyright-Free Music

How To Find Copyright Free Music For Youtube Videos

so guys, below I have listed the 5 best sites to find Copyright free music. so go check it out.

1. Youtube Library

if you are a YouTuber then you already know about it. otherwise, let me tell you that Youtube Audio Library is a place where you will get 1000+ Copyright free music and 700+ sound effects to use in your youtube videos.

if you want to access it then you need to login into your Youtube Creator Studio. where you will find Audio Library.

Attribution (Credit): Not Required

Type of license: Royalty Free & CC by

2. Free Music Archive


FMA is a website where you will find all Types of Free Non-Copyright Music for your youtube videos. This is a great website for royalty-free music for youtube, Facebook, podcast, and other media streaming platforms. On this website, you will able to see all types of genres like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and etc.

Type of license: All CC types and Public Domain

3. MixKit


so Friends Mixkit is also a great website for free No Copyright Music, but you will also find lots of FREE stock video clips, music tracks, sound effects, and video templates.

Like Others, this website also provides all types of categories like – Ambient, Cinematic, Corporate, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and more.

Type of license: Free To Use

4. Pixabay


Guys Pixabay is also an awesome website like Mixkit and it is very popular for its Free Stock Images. Pixabay Is very Famous among creators, Everybody uses Pixabay.

But Pixabay also offers a Libary of Free Stock Music. in Pixabay you will find a Separate Categorie where you will get 1000+ Royalty free music to use.

Type of license:  Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a library of more than 125 million songs as one of the most popular music streaming platforms like Spotify. you will get many songs to use under the Creative Commons license.

To Find music licensed under CC, go to and search for the type of song you’re looking for, and then Click on “Filter Search” and select “to use Commercially” just like shown in the image below.

By choosing this you will only see music with a Creative Commons license and free to use on any project.

Type of license: you will find CC types

Conclusion: So, guys hope you liked this post, today I showed you the Best website to find stock music. if you have any questions or queries then comment below, and I will reply. Thanks for reading.


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